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In the coming weeks we will launch a new agency in the Nordics, where we will merge GroupM’s expertise in the Google Marketing & Cloud Platforms with Flip Studios unique capabilities in experience design and the unmatched analytic force of Business Science to create an integrated growth consultancy practice.

If you have questions about the launch, contact Paw Saxgren here.

If you want to know more about Flip Studio, Business Science and Acceleration, visit their websites here:

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WPP’s Global Google Practice

WPP clients continue to shift media spend to digital and demand that data and technology play increasingly significant roles in delivering a return on that investment. Because of the considerable intersection between Google technologies and that digital media spend, there is a need for a Global Google Practice to support our client’s data and technology demands. Acceleration fills that need at WPP.

How? By drawing on the our incredibly diverse talent across consulting, transformation, data science analytics, technology, and automation and combining it with our deep understanding of customer experience. We will continue to invest in those skills and build them across regions as we make our offering available to a global audience and create growth opportunities for all.